An insane brawl just happened in an Argentinian football match


Some real argy-bargy for you now. Quite literally in fact.

One week since historic foes Boca Juniors and River Plate duked it out in front of cameras, another ill-advised friendly match took place between two bitter Argentine rivals last night, this time sparking an even more explosive ruckus, which saw five players sent off.

Two minutes into seven minutes of added time toward the end of the game, tensions were already high in the La Plata derby, as Gimnasia broke up field in search of an equaliser against Estudiantes, their winger hurdling a few reckless challenges. However, one violent lunge eventually made contact and no sooner had he hit the deck than his teammates waded over to let the offender know what they thought of his over-the-top tackle.

Just when all seemed to have calmed down, with the coaches heading back to the dug-outs, one player struck another and all hell broke loose, quickly turning a high-profile football match into something you'd be more used to seeing at 3am outside a city centre Wetherspoon's. Among a flurry of cowardly head-slapping, pitiful flying kicks, the goalkeeper momentarily turned his goalkeeping gloves into boxing ones.

Throw in a few leotards and steel chairs and you’ve got a veritable Royal Rumble.