20 hilarious times football refs thought they were the main event


Referees - bless 'em - get their fair share of stick from, fans, players and managers alike; but at the end of the day they're just humans like the rest of us (apart from Pierluigi Collina), trying to get through their job without making a mistake, perhaps with dreams of being a footballer themselves. 

Celebrity Refs is the first Twitter account to shine the spotlight on the b******s in black and give them their moment of glory; charting the highs and lows of top-flight refereeing and it's glorious. Next time you watch a game you'll be watching the prima donna refs instead of the prima donna players.

Mark Clattenburg and Mike Dean or, Clatts and Deanie as they're now affectionately known, are the main offenders, stealing the show with their exaggerated gestures and sheer self-indulgence.

Here are 20 officials who got a big too big for their boots...

Ball kissing

The pre-penalty lap of honour

You know whose ball it is

Secret ref handshakes

Untouchable refs

When Clattenburg revealed he was a lizard

Ref tattoos

Ruthless stetcher red cards

Shakingly aggressive yellow cards

Dog-walking refs

Historic celeb-reffing

No-look red cards

Celebrity linos

Sarcastic clapping

Superhero Mike Dean

Player spanking

Sly tripping

Mic Dean

Show-stopping Mike Dean

Audacious banter

Euro 2016 final MOM: Clatts