Stormzy proves what a nice guy he is by suffering Ray Parlour's terrible rapping

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Dave Fawbert

No one said getting to the top was easy.

Sometimes you have to grease a few palms, make a few sacrifices and venture into murky worlds filled with piranhas and snakes. Sometimes you even have to go on Sunday Brunch and pretend you respect Tim Lovejoy.

But, surely, no one deserves this, no matter how ambitious they are.

You can witness below Stormzy, busy promoting his debut album Gang Signs & Prayer – which is set to rocket into the upper echelons of the album charts later this week – being forced to listen to a rap, over his Shut Up backing track, by former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour on Talksport.

It is – how do you say – not good.

We love Ray Parlour. We loved him as a player, we loved the cover of his autobiography, we love him now - but stick to the day job Ray.

And Stormzy? What a legend. Just how nice can a man be that he can endure both Lovejoy and a terrible rapper ruining one of the his best tracks in just a matter of days, and not lash out in justified anguish and pain.