17 hilarious Amazon reviews that will change the way you see your favourite films


Since the dawn of the internet, oddballs with anger issues and bad grammar have had somewhere to give their own unique takes on mainstream cinema – and you’ll find the best of them on Amazon.

This army of no-nonsense keyboard bashers don’t want to discuss mise en scène, nor compare the cinematography in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar with that of Stanley Kubrick’s Space 2001. They want to critique the ‘real’ issues.

From the merits of Charles Heston’s naked buttocks in Planet of the Apes, or the glaring omission of wolves in The Wolf of Wall Street (fair point), these reviews by 'real' cinemagoers are bluntly refreshing. Providing synopsises that cut right to the chase (Titanic – “it sinks”), they’re as funny as they are refreshing.

Handily – because we don’t have all day to trawl through looking for gold - @AmznMovieRevws is a Twitter account compiling the very best.

As far as Twitter accounts go, we’re giving this one five stars. See some of the best below.


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