The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond will rock your socks off


Typical. You wait years for a failing sci-fi franchise to be revitalised by a young upstart named J J Abrams and two come along at once.

Yes, some 48hrs before Star Wars: Force Awakens shatters every box office record known to man and Wookie, we now have the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, the third film of the rebooted saga.

Along with a good look at the alien villain played by Idris Elba - possibly the only man in the world to keep himself as busy as producer Abrams, who’s relinquished the director’s chair to Justin Lin this time around – it also offers up a glut of first-class action scenes and lighter moments between the crew of The Enterprise.

Oh, and it's also accompanied by the blaring sound of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, which works rather well. 

Even if they did miss a trick not going for Intergalactic.

Star Wars Beyond hits cinemas in summer 2016