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We like drinking, therefore we likes pubs. Pubs, bars, watering holes, inns, taverns, saloons, alehouses, hostelries, hotel bars… anywhere that we can sip the amber nectar basically.

We also like films. Films, movies, motion pictures, the old silver screen… we could go on. Actually we can’t. But you get our ham-fisted jist.

We like pubs and we like films. Put ‘em together and we’re basically giddier than a gaggle of 16-year-old girls backstage at a One Direction gig.

So put ‘em together we did. The best 20 pubs/bars/watering holes in motion picture history.

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The Slaughtered Lamb – American Werewolf in London

A quintessential British country pub found on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors – the kind they don’t make any more on account of all that fancy gastro food nonsense. Saying that, don’t ask about the five-pointed star on the wall, and certainly don’t put anyone off their game of arrows. Apart from that – and no chance of picking up any totty – you’ll be good. You can positively smell the CAMRA membership from here.


Trees Lounge – Trees Lounge

The quintessential American neighbourhood bar. A grungier flipside to the bar exemplified in Cheers. Everyone will know your name in Trees Lounge, though. All the bums, punks, winos and desperados taking time off from life. Classy.


Mother Black Cap – Withnail and I

Another boozer from the school that’s not so much old as positively ancient. A working class boozer in Camden is home to the flotsam and jetsam of life – and two out-of-work actors, who, in the eyes of some locals, are nothing more than a pair of perfumed ponces. Ah, the metaphorical flourish of the refreshed booze hound.


Rick’s Café Americain – Casablanca

Commonly known as Rick’s – after the coolest bar owner this side of Dalston – this is the place to see and be seen in Vichy-controlled Casablanca. The women are sophisticated, the men dapper and the tunes emanating from good old Sam at the piano cultured. Some of the politics are a tad reactionary, though.


The Korova Milk Bar – Clockwork Orange

Ok, so they don’t drink alcoholic beverages in this bar, milk – obviously given the bar’s name – being the tipple of choice here. But the bar is so hip, so iconic, so ridiculous that it warrants inclusion. Just look what passes for tables, for Chrisssakes! Naturally we can’t recommend the ultra violence.


Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy – Bugsy Malone

Imagine a world where booze is outlawed. And once you’ve recovered from such a shuddering and dispiriting (literally) thought, cast your eyes upon the speakeasies of Prohibition America. And then to flip your mind a little more, recognise kids as adults. Everyone should pay a visit to Fat Sam’s once in their lives.


The Bamboo Lounge – Goodfellas

If you want a colourful bar with a bit of character, The Bamboo Lounge is the place for you. With more wiseguys than the union bar at Oxford University, a visit here will sharpen the mind that’s for sure. Just remember to press your best Kilgour suit.


Tony’s Bar - Mean Streets

The best bars are nefarious subterranean joints that appear to be secretive lairs. Stumbling upon one makes you feel one of the gang. Tony’s Bar is one such place. A word to the wise, however: do not attempt to replicate Johnny Boy’s memorable entrance. You will be laughed out of town. If Johnny Boy doesn’t crack your skull first of course.


Mos Eisley Cantina Bar – Star Wars

If bars had been invented for chin-stroking bores they wouldn’t look like they do. No, bars and pubs came about to fuel the Bacchanalian desires of a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Don’t take our word for it, ask Obi-Wan Kenobi. Just don’t go there with a droid. They are strictly persona non grata.


The House of Blue Leaves - Kill Bill

It would be rude to solely concentrate on drinking holes in the UK, America and a galaxy far, far away, so let’s pop over to Japan and The House of the Blue Leaves. What appears to be a relaxed establishment is obviously hiding a sinister secret. All hell will break loose here. Looks neat beforehand of course.


Park Hyatt Piano Bar - Lost In Translation

And while we’re in Japan, let’s pay a visit to the bar at the Park Hyatt where for a relaxing time make it Suntory time. Nice view.


The Ink and Paint Club – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who isn’t down for an illicit speakeasy where the patrons are as likely to be cartoon characters as humans and Donald and Daffy are duking it out on the ivories? And as for that Jessica Rabbit… hubba, hubba.


Coyote Ugly Saloon – Coyote Ugly

Because what red-blooded male – and a fair few lasses we don’t doubt - wouldn’t like to have this as their local?


The Titty Twister – From Dusk Till Dawn

A chaotic, murderous, lecherous, sadistic, sexy, ramshackle place to spend a Friday evening. But with them dancers doing their dancing thing, while we’re sipping on a nice cold one we’re prepared to overlook a bit of violent vampire mayhem.


Bob’s Country Bunker – The Blues Brothers

Bob has both kinds of music: country and western. And chicken wire to keep the local’s bottles from completely decapitating the musicians. As long as they keep playing in A they should be fine – it’s a good country key, see.


The Green Dragon –Lord of the Rings

Even in Middle-earth it’s important to have a good boozer. After a stressful day of fighting orcs, every hobbit deserves a beer.


The Raven – Indiana Jones

A wooden, stripped-back shack, decked out with only long tables and benches. It’s vital nothing gets in the way of an archaeologist’s drinking time.


The Golden Horn – Barfly

If it’s good enough for Charles Bukoswki (or his alter ego Henry Chinaski – played here with expert relish by Mickey Rourke) then it is good enough for you, my friend.


Pub - In Bruges

Over to Belgium for copious premium-strength lager-style beers and an abundance of dwarves stepping out with pretty prostitutes. A lively pub and no mistake.


The Winchester – Shaun of the Dead

Plans for tomorrow from Shaun of the Dead (2004)by Anyclip

The Winchester might appear to be a rather depressing and mundane north London pub full of sad, old f-words, but, lo, hold your horses, squire. Appearances can be deceptive. The Winchester is home to rich, interesting characters – murdering bigamists who invented the mobile disco, ex-porn stars and north London mafia. Well, according to Ed anyway.


Basement Taverna - Inglorious Basterds

A pub full of Nazis might not sound like anyone's idea of a good time - well, apart from Nazis, but what do they know? - but we'll make an exception in this bloody case. Why? 'Cause not all the Nazis are Nazis. Some are just pretending. Looks like a cool tavern anyhow.

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