Rami Malek looks the spitting image of Freddie Mercury in another leaked image from new biopic

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Rami Malek looks the spitting image of Freddie Mercury in another leaked image from new biopic

A Freddie Mercury biopic has seemingly been on the go for absolutely ages now, and we’ve had everyone from Sacha Baron Cohen to Johnny Depp (thank god that didn’t happen) attached to the role. Finally, we now have official visual confirmation of Freddie’s new face: Rami Malek from Mr Robot.

Take a look at the first pic:

Pretty uncanny, no?

Malek said of the coveted role in the film, which currently carried the working title Bohemian Rhapsody (obviously):

“When you’re able to open your eyes and see a different person staring back at you in the mirror, it’s a very affirming moment.”

The movie is going to follow Queen from 1970 up until their massive Live Aid performance in 1985, so will potentially leave out Mercury’s death from AIDS six years later. Director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men) has sort-of confirmed that by saying that it won’t be your common-or-garden biopic, and will instead focus on and celebrate the band’s music.

The rest of the central cast have been recently confirmed, too – here’s the real, actual Brian May snapping them on his Insta:

And should you be in the market for another May Instagram, here’s a shot of the specially-built Live Aid stage replica:

The movie is due out in time for Christmas 2018.

Update: Now a new still supposedly from the movie has emerged on Reddit thanks to user BunyipPouch. It’s a little scrappier, this one, and a whole lot less Photoshopped, but still, Malek’s resemblance is undeniable: the stance, the confidence, the… knee pads. 

(Main Image: Rex)


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