Daniel Radcliffe has issues in exclusive clip for Neo-Nazi drama Imperium

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Paddy Maddison

So many actors who enter the world of film at a young age end up typecast for the rest of their careers. It even drives some of them to give up film entirely, but not Daniel Radcliffe. Nope, since the Potter years Radcliffe’s career has progressed in leaps and bounds, seeing him play a number of completely contrasting roles in a range of fantastic films.

We've seen him play Allen Ginsberg, Dr Frankenstein's loyal assistant Igor and now, naturally, a Neo-Nazi, of sorts. 

Inspired by real events, Imperium sees Radcliffe play Nate Foster, a young FBI agent sent to infiltrate a group of white supremacists suspected of planning a terrorist attack. As he becomes ever more deeply immersed in this dark world Nate has to fight to maintain his own beliefs, whilst working to identify the threat his new peers pose.

And in the exclusive clip from the film we present to you below - featuring a tense exchange between Radcliffe's undercover fed and one of the men he is working to expose - it appears he might have his work cut out.

Imperium hits cinemas 23 September 2016


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