The Ultimate ‘A Game of Thrones’ Quiz

It's been 18 years since we first learnt that winter was coming - 18 years since we first lost ourselves to the power battles, feuds and struggles of Westeroes. When A Game of Thrones stole onto shelves in 1996, George R. R. Martin snared a generation of fantasy fans with unforgettable characters and heart-stopping twists. Eighteen years on, and we're still eagerly awaiting the conclusion of one of the finest series ever written.

But Martin isn't leaving us bereft of A Song of Ice and Fire content for too much longer. The World of Ice and Fire, documenting the history of Westeros and the lands beyond, will be published on 28 October - and if you can't wait that long, you can catch Martin himself speaking about his craft alongside fellow fantasy author Robin Hobb at HarperVoyager's world exclusive event on 19 August.

To help pass the time, we've created a quiz to test the keenest of A Song of Ice and Fire fans. Focusing on the events of A Game of Thrones, you'll need to know your Boltons from your Baratheons and your Arakh from your Arya if you're hoping to secure a good score.


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