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An Ingenious Man Has Built A 'Working' Thor's Hammer That Only He Can Pick Up


Mjolnir. The hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. 

Capable of levelling mountains, flying and summoning vast claps of lightning, you'll know it best as Chris Hemsworth's skull cracker that only he (or one "worthy") can lift.

But even Thor can't wield this tool. 

Electrical engineer Allen Pan, the man behind the fledgling Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel, has created a replica Mjolnir only he can lift.

Pan's Mjolnir works thanks to a set of electromagnets hidden in the head of the hammer: powered up, the hammer will "stick" to any metal surface, impossible to move with human force. 

Also contained within the hammers head is a little Arduino circuit board, attached to a finger print scanner in the handle. When Pan grips the handle, placing his finger over the scanner, Mjolnir's magnets switch off, proving Pan is "worthy" (or rather, a brilliant engineering trickster).

Even Loki would be envious of such a fiendish ploy.

(Image: Rex)




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