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The iPhone 7 Is Going To Be Stupidly Thin (And Available In 2016)


On Wednesday 9 September, Apple will host a media-consuming event at which it will finally show off its new, disappointingly familiar iPhone 6S. 

It will look like the iPhone 6, just with a few new colours and the sort of internal improvements you'd expect after a year of tinkering. 

But fear not - Apple is hard at work on the smartphone we all actually want to get excited about.

In a glorious case of "some guy told this reporter who leaked this analysis", a chap by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, told a group of tech investors that Apple will release the incredibly thin iPhone 7 in 2016, coming in at a super-slim  6.0 mm and 6.5 mm thick.

That's even slimmer than the current, bendy iPhone 6, at 6.9 mm - closer to the iPod Touch and iPad Air 2, both of which clock in with a razor-edged 6.1 mm thickness. And sorry, that image above is just a concept design.

Beyond that? Kuo didn't have much to offer: Apple will change up its screen design to allow its new Force Touch feature to work on thinner layers of glass, and come with a larger battery. 

He's a man you pay attention to though, having successfully predicted the release of a 12-inch Retina MacBook back in October 2013, more than a year before it finally rocked up at Apple's showcase.

We'll wait for the first "leaked images" of the super-thin iPhone 7 to arrive in, say, six months?



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