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4 Sports Cars You Can Buy


Once upon a time, swift two-seaters were limited to the (stupidly) rich. Now, though, you can buy one without selling a body part.

Zenos E10

The guys behind Zenos Cars previously ran Caterham and Lotus. The E10’s 2.0-litre engine does 0-60mph in less than five seconds, reaching 135mph. From £24,995, zenoscars.com

Zenos E10

Mazda MX-5

One of 2015’s most eagerly awaited cars, this model kicks off at £18,495 for a 1.5-litre engine. Top-spec is £23,395; both have LED headlamps, alloy wheels, leather steering wheel and a six-speed gearbox. mazda.co.uk

Mazda MX-5

Toyota GT 86

It’s been around since 2012, but the GT 86’s revamp will keep the 2-litre engine while adding friction-reduction and design efficiency, read: more horsepower and speed. From £22,495, toyota.co.uk

Toyota GT 86

McLaren 540C

OK, so £126,000 isn’t cheap. But this is a McLaren. And it’s less than its £1m P1 hypercar. Set to rival the Porsche 911 Turbo, it can rocket to 60mph in 3.5 seconds, maxing out at 199mph. cars.mclaren.com

McLaren 540C


senna mclaren 2.png

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