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World's Calmest Own Goal


Last night's Arsenal versus Manchester United game saw a lovely piece of calamitous defending by Antonio Valencia, underhitting a backpass which allowed Danny Welbeck to nip in and score, but he's got a long way to go to match the prowess of Costa Rican defender Michael Duran.

Playing in the depths of the Costa Rican second division for Guanacasteca against Puntarenas, he saw a shot from an opposing forward cannon off the bar, but seemingly rebound to complete safety as it bounced down in the middle of no fewer than five Guanacasteca defenders, plus the goalkeeper, with no opposing players in sight. Calmly, and quite beautifully, though, Duran proceeded to chest the ball, then gently nod it over his 'keeper to nestle into his own net.

A truly elegant finish and one for the scrapbook, if only it had been at the other end.

Watch and admire.



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