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Vote Leave just deleted its website and evidence of its Brexit promises


Whether you are pro- or anti- Brexit, one thing is apparent to everyone: the campaigners in charge of Vote Leave lied. A lot. 

This was first brought to the world's attention mere hours after Bexit's victory when UKIP leader Nigel Farage claimed it was a "mistake" to promise that the £350 million spent on the EU every week would now be given to the NHS. 

But things have only got worse since then, as huge swathes of "regrexiters" are angry that Vote Leave has backtracked on controlling immigration and the time-frame for leaving the EU.

It's in this climate, then, that the campaign group has rather <sarcasm font> savvily </sarcasm font> decided to delete evidence of their promises from their website. 

Brexit homepage

The website has now been replaced by a single page thanking British voters and reading, "This is your victory".

Thankfully because it's not actually possible to delete anything from the internet, the Wayback Machine has evidence of the site's previous promises. Also, although they are hidden from view as you can't navigate them from the homepage, a few pages of campaign promises are still up here and here

Brexit promises

Nice try, guys, but the internet never forgets. 


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