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Is this the most racist advert ever?


Oh. Oh dear.

In what we can only assume came from the same marketing brainboxes who decided the best way to sell Susan Boyle’s 2012 album was with the Twitter hashtag #Susanalbumparty, here’s an advert that is absolutely, unforgivably, irreconcilably not alright.

This Chinese commercial for detergent brand Qiaobi starts innocently enough, with a lady loading a washing machine. Things begin to take a turn when a paint-splattered black man arrives, and wolf whistles her way.

And then it happens. Oh boy, it really happens. 

Lobbing a washing tablet into his mouth, the black man is pushed into the machine, and emerges as a Chinese man. 

Yep, never has the phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ been so upsettingly clear to see.

Even more mind-blowing? This isn’t the first time this has happened. Check out this Italian advert, from which Qiaobi’s commercial is clearly ripped from. Someone's actually seen it, and decided it was so good it was worth recreating.

To whoever came up with this, you might want to take a couple of big cardboard boxes into work with you next week.  




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