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The Foldable USB Business Card


There've been a great many memorable business cards made, but few can rival this one for sheer hi-tech usefulness.

The SwivelCard features a built-in USB drive that folds out and, when plugged into a computer, directs the user to a website where you can host extra information about yourself - which you can remotely update as and when required. Each one contains a unique ID, enabling you to find out who has and hasn't 'checked in', and the analytics from their visit.

The SwivelCards are available to preorder through an already-funded Kickstarter, created by Washington-based engineer Andrew DePaula's company Spokane: it's already received five times its original target of $10,000 (£5,950). $29 (£17) gets you 10 SwivelCards, with $79 (£47) getting 40; bigger, cheaper packages are also available if you're happy to splash the cash. Shipping is expected in November.

Head over to the kickstarter page for more information, or view the gifs and promo video below.




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