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20 Coolest Business Cards

20 Coolest Business Cards

20 Coolest Business Cards
20 November 2012

The business card is seen by many as an unfortunate necessity for these busy networking times we live in.

However, there's no reason why you can't get a little creative, make yourself stand out from the crowd and spread a little fun. Here's 20 of the coolest designs out there - can anyone beat the Nissan?

Real Live Plants

This is truly brilliant - a business card for a landscape architect that grows over time. He could have gone a bit subliminal and made them spell out 'hire me' but this is cooler. Look - they're like tiny trees!

Broken Bone X-Ray

You need to demonstrate to people that you can do your job properly, and a debt recovery specialist is no exception. Show off your bone-breaking expertise, and instill that much-needed element of fear to your potential customers, with this business card.

Cut-out 1969 Nissan Skyline

"It's a car! Made out of a business card! Who was that guy again? Who cares!"

Lego Figure

Lucky, lucky Charlotte Simonsen. Not only does she get to work at Lego, she gets a 'business card' which is a Lego figure of herself. We'd honestly do that job for free just to be able to give these out to people.

Finger-hole Yoga Figure

The business card equivalent of those peep through boards at the seaside - and they're always funny. There are variations on this with just one hole, and a naked can work out the rest.

Cut-out Tiny Chair

It's a furniture store known for modern, curvy designs - and so what else but a miniature version of what you sell to act as your business card? Also doubles up as an ergonomic resting solution for your pet mouse.

Tear-Apart Divorce Card

You deal with things falling apart on a daily basis, so you may as well make your business card do it too. This card for a divorce lawyer is excellent - if only all splits were this clean (mind you, James'd be out of a job then).

Smashed Plate

Yes - it's a business card for a Greek restaurant where they smash stuff up, just for fun. The benefit of this is that the more customers you get, the more business cards you can make and - like the perfect virtuous circle - the more customers you get. And it's a damned sight cheaper than making miniature Acropolises.

Fax Machine

We don't really know what 'Structural Graphics LLC' does, but look how cool that fax machine is - and it's even got a fax coming through! Faxes were so much better than emails weren't they? Although you can't embed cat gifs on faxes - that's probably why they stopped being popular isn't it. Anyway, great business card.

Cut-up Credit Card

If you're going to convince people to stop spending money that they don't have, you may as well give them lesson #1 as soon as you meet them - a free, introductory offer if you will. Actually, it's that sort of attitude that got them into trouble in the first place isn't it?

Picture of Yourself

After receiving your 50th business card at some horrendous networking event, you've got no idea who Steve, or John, or Sebastian really is. It could be anyone. But you'll know who Emerson is. BONUS TIP: Collect 24 different ones and create your own game of Guess Who?

Mini Storage Box

It's another company showing what they do via the medium of their business cards. But if you got this one and the mini chair, it could serve as a table for your pet mouse to put his feet up on while he's reclining.


We love a good pun, but you wouldn't expect a Finishing School - that most dry and rigid of establishments - to love one too. Fortunately for us, Brazanga in India does, utilising a sandpaper business card to glorious effect. Has the added bonus of obliterating all other business cards that make it into your pocket - smart business move all round.

Hairclip Holders

Hair we go - this brilliant business card for a hair and makeup artist is frankly ingenious. Looks like they've overdone it on the straighteners a little though.

Dog Tag

This business card for a greyhound adoption service is undeniably cool, but someone hasn't thought this through: how exactly are you supposed to get to the tag to read it when it's on an animal that can, famously, run very fast indeed? Would work better on a tortoise we think.

Bottle Opener

Because you're going to think of this guy every time you open a beer. And subconsciously he'll become your best friend in the world. Very, very clever.

Paper Plane

Again, it's brilliant, but again - do you really want your business card to be something that people try and throw away as far as possible? Think it through people, think it through.


Because adding 'taches to anything - particularly cats and dogs - will never, ever get boring.


This is a very clever angle on a psychologist's calling card; particularly so as normally the point when we have to restart - losing all our work/our high score - is the point at which we are seriously considering killing someone.

Playing Cards

Possibly our favourite of all of them: cheap, memorable, and every one is unique. Who gets the jokers though?