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The descriptive camera


If you're a particularly snap-happy person then you might feel as if your photos often get a bit repetitive. There are only so many sunsets or "interesting" homeless people you can shoot.

This wouldn't be the case with the Desciptive Camera, an astonishingly smart creation from Matt Richardson. As well as providing you with a photograph, it actually gives a brief description of what you've snapped.

Okay so it'll take about six minutes per photo but you'll receive a small receipt-like summary of your image. It's processed through Amazon Mechanical Turk, which is a service that has online workers carry out small tasks for a nominal fee.

It might not catch on very soon, since each image costs around $1.25 (77p) and it's not yet portable, but it's a cool way of archiving photos that could be utilised in the future.



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