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The Batmobile iPhone 6 Case


The internet is prone to exaggeration, but this surely has to be the best phone case ever created.

This crazy iPhone 6 cover is a near-perfect replica of Tim Burton's Batmobile. While that alone would be enough to put it in the Premier League, it also features extendable wheels to reveal the camera lens, while four LEDs light up when a call comes in. And if that wasn't enough, the turbo booster at the back of the vehicle projects the bat signal onto any nearby surface, just in case you ever need to summon some Bathelp (you could, of course, ring someone, but that's nowhere near as cool).

It's made by Bandai, is expected to cost $50 (£33) and will be available later this spring. Watch the amazing video below to see it in action.

[via Hypebeast]

Batmobile Phone Case
Batmobile Phone Case
Batmobile Phone Case
Batmobile Phone Case
Batmobile Phone Case



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