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Someone is attempting to become a millionaire via crowdfunding


There have been some odd offerings on crowdfunding sites over the years. This guy managed to raise over $55,000 for a potato salad, while this bunch got over a grand for a rubber phone replacement. But this latest brow-defying attempt has left us brimming with fury.

Because we didn't think of it first.

WeMadeAMillionaire.com is a social experiment that's been rattling along since 28 July. Its aim? To turn a total stranger (its creator) into a millionaire, via donations from the general public (complete idiots).


Charitable mugs who fancy making the stranger's dream a reality have three possible gift-and-reward options: a donation of $1.29 (£0.83) gets your name and location posted on the 'Bronze' wall of fame, $4.99 (£3.20) gets you a "custom image" posted on the 'Silver' wall of fame, and $9.99 (£6.40) gets a custom image and custom message on the 'Gold' wall. 

This 'wall' feature allows you to see what sort of numpty gives a total stranger their money - a quick glance shows that the overwhelming majority are impressionable teenagers with an unquenchable thirst for hashtags.


At the point of writing, the "stranger" has made $11,864 (£7,602) - though it's not clear if the system works like a conventional crowdfunding site, whereby all donations are void should the project fall short of its target amount. If the stranger does earn themselves $1 million, they promise to share a year's worth of videos documenting how they spend that money - no doubt accruing further cash from the ad revenue they'll gain from their video channel.

It's a smart, soulless, lazy way to earn cash - and it just might work. Here's hoping it's a fake.



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