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Prada is selling a paperclip for £145


There’s a line of thinking that suggests every item for sale is worth what someone is willing to pay for it: no more and no less.

There’s another line of thinking that suggests anyone who can afford to fork out £145 (plus shipping) for a glorified paperclip has too much money.

Sure, Prada’s invention is technically a paperclip-shaped money-clip, but do you know what else is a paperclip-shaped money-clip? That’s right, a fucking paperclip.

We’ve done the research, and the asking price of $185, or £145.31, would buy you 29 packets of a thousand regular paperclips from Ryman. That’s 29,000 paperclips. Maybe you could weld them together into a super-paperclip just to prove a point.

For that amount, we’d hope at the very least the paperclip was anthropomorphised and gave you unprompted tips like “It looks like you’re writing a letter. Need some help?” or “It looks like you’re about to fork out $185 on a paperclip-shaped money-clip. Need some help?”

There’s probably an even greater level of irony to be taken from the fact that the sort of person who owns a Prada money-clip probably isn’t the sort of person who carries petty cash around with them. We’ll get onto that when we’ve processed everything else.



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