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People are sharing the cringiest things they've said to their crushes. Warning: they will make you squirm


It’s not always easy to be smooth, especially when you fancy someone. Sure, you’re a smart, successful, intelligent person. Probably. But that doesn’t mean you’re even SLIGHTLY capable of talking to someone you think is fit. You crumble. You choke. You say the very worst thing you could possibly say at any given moment. 

Good news, though: you are not alone! Other people are also totally shit at talking to anyone they want to have sex with! 

In an AskReddit thread, users have outlined the most cringeworthy things they’ve ever said to crushes. And it is not pretty. 

Politics seems to be a bit of a sticking point, to start. 

And it turns out that blurting out the wrong thing is very, very easy. 

Some are… weirdly sweet?

Others, however? Completely unsaveable.

Nailed. It.



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