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Watch as man is hilariously ordered to take down 'offensive' Christmas lights


Blackpool is famous for its illuminations, but one man decided that standard Christmas light decorations simply wouldn’t cut it this year.

43-year-old Steve McGawley decided instead to decorate his house for the festive season with a image of a penis, a bell, and the word ‘end’ spelt out in twinkly lights.

Unsurprisingly, after complaints were received from neighbours, two police officers were sent round to his house in order to make him take the offending decorations down.

The utterly hilarious exchange was captured on his phone and posted up on the Blackpool Gazette Twitter feed.

To be fair to Steve, ‘Bell/end’ is definitely less offensive than his original display of ‘c**t’.

He was later arrested after refusing to take down the display, where he spent two hours before being released with a £90 fine for public disorder.

He told the Mirror, "The fact they arrested me was uncalled for I think. They cuffed me in the back of a van and then I was in cells with spit and beans and all sorts in them. All over a set of Christmas lights. They took my fingerprints and height and weight and then they've given me this £90 fine. I got out at about 2.30am. I just can't get over that I went through all that because I put some funny lights up. It's my house; I have a mortgage.

He explained that he had finally relented, adding: "The lights have changed to say 'I'm sorry' now so hopefully that's the end of it. I've had more people come on to say they loved the lights than people who complained about them."

His claim was backed up by the likes of Ric Hulme, who told the Blackpool Gazette: “I think it’s quite creative. If you have your kids up late enough to see them lit up then you’re a bad parent. Watershed for decorations should be a thing. After hours then you can’t complain.”

Nigel James Proffitt added: “We should do a whip around for his fine. Its £90; if everyone who was so annoyed at it put in £10 and those that loved it put in £1 we’d soon be there.”

He’s now finally changed the lights so that they now read ‘I’m sorry’. We’d put money on him doing a special festive ‘up yours’ before Christmas is out.

[via Blackpool Gazette]



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