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Mini landscapes


Ever since the 90s double whammy of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and The Borrowers, we've had this latent desire to be miniature. Aside from the constant danger of being trodden on, we'd save a bucketload on food and rent plus get to go anywhere we want without any restrictions.

The absurdly talented miniaturist Slinkachu put together these installations to tease us still with the idea that yes, an underground society of little people does actually insist.

His squint-to-see work puts little people through various real world situations and delivers a series of funny, brilliantly clever pieces.

If you're London-based then make sure you check out his new solo show Concrete Ocean which displays all of his best images at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge until April 2nd.

(Images: Slinkachu / Andipa Gallery)



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