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Deadmau5 Turns Uber Taxi Driver


We’ve all been there: it’s midnight and it’s pissing with rain. You’re stranded on the wrong side of the road, where an endless torrent of yellow lights sail past, tantalisingly out of reach. In desperation you pull out your phone and, with your remaining percents of battery, hail a cab using your Uber app.

Within minutes, a cab arrives to save the day. Except, hang on…

Uber users in Toronto got a surprise last night as they were picked up by international superstar DJ Deadmau5 in his pristine white $300,000 McLaren 650S.

The EDM goliath recently registered as an UberX driver, in his own words, for “shits and giggles”, and spent the night hurtling round the Canadian city picking up fares.

However, traditionalists will be disappointed to learn that the McLaren has no back seats, so the DJ wasn’t able to deliver his views on immigration vociferously over his shoulder, as is the custom.

Hopefully he’ll still be able to afford to put petrol in the tank, should he lose his ongoing court battle with Disney.

Odds on that once the euphoria died down, the first question was: “Been busy tonight, mate?”

[Via Huh]



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