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Boris Johnson Smashed A 10-Year-Old To The Ground In Japan And It Was Caught On Camera


There is a strong chance that one day, this man will be Prime Minister. We repeat, this man could one day be leading our government and making important decisions that affect millions of people. For crying out loud, he's already Mayor of London.

Boris Johnson managed to take a small game of rugby in Japan a little too seriously, completely smashing over a 10-year-old boy in pursuit of a try.

They were playing on a mini turf pitch in Tokyo as part of Boris' trip to promote trade (or something) when Johnson went through on a burst and bashed into young Toki Sekiguchi. Afterwards, the boy said "I felt a little bit of pain but it's OK" and added that it had been "enjoyable" meeting the mayor. Well, he would say that, he might have thought he'd have his head bashed in if he said anything different.

After the incident, Boris asked him if he was OK, before shaking his hand and adding "I'm so sorry".

Naturally, this is the perfect opportunity to bring out this classic clip of a Boris sporting mishap in 2006, where he briefly forgot he was supposed to be playing football, not rugby.

Prime Minister. Seriously.

(Images: Rex)




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