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Arty Toy Lamps


Men and toys. The age-old conundrum that vexes the finest minds of this generation. Just when, exactly, does something that was a harmless, nay, actively encouraged, childhood passion become a worrying geek-like pursuit?

Anyone? No. Thought not. Thankfully, Zygmunt Jarzembowski has hit on a cunning way of messing about with the toys of his youth without anyone telling him to, you know, grow up.

Jarzembowski has designed these nostalgia-friendly lamps, utilising all manner of cultural flotsam and jetsam from yesteryear and turning them into art installations.

Our favourite is Munitions Dump, in which Winnie the Pooh and Tigger empty their jar of war toys onto the base of the lamp. Is it saying something about the loss of innocence that we all experience once adulthood has set in? Or is it just a striking image?

Much like the men and toys dilemma, we just don’t know. But he's already sold two to Jimmy Carr and been commissioned by Jonathan Ross to make another.

For more of Jarzembowski’s ace lamps head to his Etsy page.



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