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Introducing the deep-fried beer burger


Take one pub-staple beer & burger, remove the pint glass and what do you have? A soggy burger and an irritated landlord.

But what if you freeze the beer? And then cover it in wonton, cheese and crushed pretzel breading, and then deep-fry the whole lot? Well, then you'll have matched the creation of Philadelphia-based burger bar PYT's Beerger.

Joining PYT's grease-soaked hall of fame of deep-fried Twinkie burgers and French toast burgers, this latest heart-stopper consists of cheese, pickle, a mustard-dill aioli-covered beef patty and the aforementioned wonton-beer-wedge - shipping enough Pabst Blue Ribbon beer to legally require an ID check.

At least it'll save on washing up the pint glass.

(Via: Foodbeast)

(Images: PYT's Facebook)



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