Man divorces wife over her 550 cats

Probably a dog person

Usually when the term 'unreasonable behaviour' is used as a justification for divorce, it's a rather subjective phrase.

But in this rather odd case, it's a fair summation from anyone's point of view.

An unnamed Israeli man told the divorce courts that his wife's cats made his home life hard, which might sound a bit ridiculous until you learn that she had 550 of them. He complained that sleep was impossible as the cats refused to leave the bed while the bathroom was a no-go zone as he simply wasn't allowed in.

The homewreckers also prevented him from preparing meals in the kitchen while meal time was a continuous battle as the cats would steal his food from under his eyes.

The court forced the couple to attempt a reconciliation but ultimately his wife chose the cats over him, oblivious to the fact that the cats would probably choose a piece of string over her.

(Image: Flickr Commons: Rossogiallo)

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