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We hope you’re sitting down, because McDonald’s have confirmed those delivery rumours


Sometimes an invention will roll around that makes so much sense you wonder why it didn’t already exist.

Laceless football boots. Wearable tech. That pizza inside a burger inside a pizza. All so, so obvious in retrospect.

As is McDonald’s delivery, which looks like it will finally land in the UK this summer. We’ll give you a moment or two to compose yourself at the news.


According to the Daily Telegraph, we could see the first trial of a delivery service in just over a month’s time.

The paper quotes McDonald’s UK chief executive Paul Pomroy, who suggests the restaurant chain will use an external partner for the service and says: “We will start with a delivery service from the right number of sites that gives us scale.”

One question remains unanswered, however, and it’s a pretty important one: will the delivery options include breakfast?

The ability to order a sausage and egg mcmuffin from your bed, still shaking off the remnants of an all-day drinking session on the first vaguely sunny day in June, could be a genuine game-changer.

The word ‘hero’ is overused these days, but the person who makes at-your-service McDonald’s food a reality will make Iron Man and Captain America look like shit.

(Images: Rex)



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