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A bacon toaster now exists and it is beautiful


With the rise in Freddo prices and overdone potato smileys giving you cancer, 2017 hasn’t been merciful with its food news so far. But that’s about to change, because we’re here to inform you of a wonderful new invention that has surely been gifted to us by the meaty gods – the Bacon Express.

It looks like a fancy toaster mixed with a DAB radio, but in fact it’s actually a vertical grill that can cook up to six slices of bacon a minute between two metal doors.

Nostalgia Electronics, the pork geniuses behind this 21st century marvel, say that their "unique patent pending easy-clean doors make flat, crispy bacon that doesn't shrivel,” and also highlight that the vertical doors aren’t just for show, as they assist the fat to drain away from the bacon, making them a lot better for you (well, as healthy as bacon can be).

On the side you’ll also find a heat dial which you can adjust depending on the thickness of your bacon, and whether you like it on the rawer side or burnt to a crisp.

You can grab yourself one now on Amazon for $39.99 (because of course you can only get them in America).


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