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These 'Rick and Morty' outtakes are funnier than most actual TV shows


If you’ve watched the latest episode of Rick and Morty Season 3 and can’t wait a week for the next one, you’re in luck.

The Adult Swim animation, which is set to be rolled out in full on Netflix in the UK in the coming weeks, is one of the better shows around at releasing bonus content on a whim. They dropped the first episode of the latest season without warning on April Fool’s Day.

Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland clearly care about their loyal viewers, and this comes through with the new ‘alt’ content released by the pair.


Many live-action shows will release outtakes as bonus footage, but Rick and Morty does things a little differently.

And Roiland, who also voices the two title characters, has given viewers a glimpse of some of the lines of dialogue that never even made it into the final script. Or ‘alts’, as they are known to the team behind the show.

In a bonus YouTube segment, he returns to the Season 2 episode ‘Mortynight Run’, where the title characters try their hand at a game called ‘Roy: A Life Well Lived’.

First off, here’s the original:

And now here are the alternate lines that never made the cut, complete with input from Harmon about the writing process.

It is testament to the quality of writing that stuff which didn’t even make it onto the script is funnier than the actual dialogue on most other shows.

(Images: YouTube/Adult Swim)



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