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Who's left on Arya Stark's kill list?


You don’t mess with Arya Stark. Thanks to years of tutelage under some of the most impressive fighters in the land, the younger Stark sibling is one of the deadliest characters left in Game of Thrones, and she has a lot of murdering to do.

Since the midpoint of Season Two, Arya has been slowly working on a special list of enemies she needs to kill before she can find. While she’s succeeded in knocking some off, as she mentioned in the episode ‘Spoils of War’, she still has a few people left. But who? Here’s everyone that ever entered Arya Stark’s special “prayer”.

The Hound

Name: The Hound Sandor Clegane

Why they are on the list? For killing Mycah, the butcher's boy and Arya’s friend, all the way back in Season One.

Status: Alive. But Arya thinks he is dead following his fight with Brienne of Tarth.

Last Seen: Travelling with the Brotherhood without Banners and giving a small prayer for a farmer he robbed in the Riverlands.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 3/10. Not only does Arya think The Hound is already dead, but there’s a decent chance she removed him from the list *before* his fight with Brienne. There’s a good chance she’s quite fond of The Hound now: In a clash with The Waif in season five, Arya tried saying she hated The Hound, but was beaten by the Waif for apparently lying. It was an odd relationship, but given The Hound protected both Arya and Sansa, if Sandor Clegane ever gets to Winterfell we reckon he’ll be given a good reception. Unless his current buddies muddle things.

Meryn Trant

Name: Meryn Trant

Why they are on the list? For (probably) killing Arya’s dueling mentor, Syrio Forel.

Status: Dead.

Last Seen: Having his throat slit by Arya in a Braavosi brothel at the end of Season Five.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 10/10. It was Arya’s first kill using Faceless Men techniques, and Meryn was a proper rotter, abusing young women in the brothel before he copped it.

Cersei Lannister

Name: Cersei Lannister

Why they are on the list? For her involvement in Ned Stark’s death.

Status: Alive and Queen of the Seven (three) Kingdoms.

Last Seen: In Kings Landing paying off some debts to the Iron Bank and getting ready to cause a ruckus.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 4/10. Someone is going to kill Cersei, but according to Maggy the frog, it’ll be the "Valonqar", or “little brother” who chokes her, rather than Arya. Unless of course Arya nicks a Lannister face...


Name: Joffrey Lannister

Why they are on the list? For ordering the execution of Ned Stark.

Status: Dead.

Last Seen: Choking on a poisoned glass of wine at “The Purple Wedding” in Season Four. Tell Cersei. We want her to know Olenna Tyrell did it.

Ilyn Payne

Name: Ilyn Payne

Why they are on the list? For executing Ned Stark.

Status: Alive. Presumably

Last Seen: During the Battle of Blackwater, Ilyn Payne was told by Cersei to execute her and and Sansa in the event Stannis Baratheon made the gates of King’s Landing.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 5/10. Ilyn Payne hasn’t been seen onscreen because actor Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Wilko has thankfully been given the all-clear now and could make a reappearance in the show, so it’s up to Arya to get to King’s Landing and give him a taste of Needle.


Name: Polliver

Why they are on the list? For killing Arya’s friend Lommy and stealing her sword Needle.

Status: Dead.

Last Seen: Arya pierced Polliver’s neck in the Season Four premiere ‘Two Swords’.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 10/10. Not only did Arya kill Polliver and take back her sword Needle, she also mocked him with the very words Polliver used before he killed Lommy. Poetic justice.


Name Rorge

Why they are on the list? For participating in torture at Harrenhal and threatening to rape Arya.

Status: Dead

Last Seen: Getting stabbed in the belly by Arya in Season Four episode ‘Mockingbird’.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 10/10. Rorge was only added to the list once Arya learnt his name, and then she immediately killed him. He was a bad bell, and his move to attack The Hound and Arya with his friend “The Biter” was silly.

The Mountain Season 7

Name: The Mountain Gregor Clegane

Why they are on the list? Participating in torture at Harrenhal and being a thoroughly disgusting man.

Status: Alive. Kinda. Maester Qyburn resurrected the Mountain as the freakish Frankenstein creature Ser Robert Strong after the he was fatally poisoned by Oberyn Martell.

Last Seen: Serving as a member of Cersei’s Queen’s guard and being all weird and necro to Euron Greyjoy.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 3/10. The Mountain is probably the best warrior left in Westeros. If Arya makes it to King’s Landing to kill Cersei, she’ll probably have to take on The Mountain, which we would strongly advise against. Fans of have often theorised that The Mountain will one day face his brother The Hound in a duel dubbed “Cleganebowl” - imagine if Ayra tags along for the ride?

Beric Dondarrion

Name: Beric Dondarrion

Why they are on the list? For selling Gendry (Robert Baratheon’s bastard, master of rowing boats) to Melisandre. Gendry was to be used for blood magic, so Arya thinks Beric sold her friend to die.

Status: Again, alive, but only kinda. Beric has been killed six times, but keeps being ressurrected by the Lord of Light for ~reasons~. He is essentially a “fire wight” now.

Last Seen: With The Hound and the other Brotherhood without Banners members in the Riverlands. They are all headed towards The Wall for… something.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 5/10. Arya very much thinks Beric had a hand in killing Gendry, so unless The Hound can talk some sense into her, or Gendry reappears soon *coughs*, Arya will probably stab Beric on sight if they meet. Not that it matters...

Thoros of Myr

Name: Thoros of Myr

Why they are on the list? For shrugging and saying “revolutions need gold” when the Brotherhood sold Gendry to Melisandre.

Status: Alive.

Last Seen: With The Hound and the other members of the Brotherhood heading towards The Wall.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 5/10. Much like Beric, Thoros’ fate lies in what the Hound/Gendry do next.


Name: The Red Woman aka Melisandre

Why they are on the list? For kidnapping Gendry to be used in blood magic.

Status: Alive.

Last Seen: In Dragonstone, telling Lord Varys she was headed to Volantis.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 6/10. Melisandre also told Vary that she had to die in Westeros. Jon has promised to hang her and Ser Davos wants her dead for her part in burning Shireen so we imagine she’ll probably stay away from Winterfell and the North upon her return from Volantis. BUT, when Arya did meet Melisandre, the red woman did say “I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes... eyes you'll shut forever”. Don’t bet against Arya using that catspaw dagger. Unless Gendry shows up *coughs*.


Name: Tywin Lannister

Why they are on the list? For orchestrating the Red Wedding which killed Rob and Catelyn Stark.

Status: Dead.

Last Seen: Tyrion shot Tywin to death with a crossbow at the end of Season Four. Tywin was on the toilet, but he did not shit gold.

Walder Frey

Name:  Walder Frey

Why they are on the list? For holding the Red Wedding.

Status: Dead

Last Seen: Having his throat slit by Arya Stark after eating a pie made out of his own children at the end of Season Six.

Chance Arya will get to off them? 10/10. Walder was Arya’s first kill upon her return to Westeros. The old “Titus Andronicus” was a lovely touch too.



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