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When films are remarketed as something else


So your film might not have worked that well in the cinema but you're not giving up that easy. You've got some big stars involved and you're determined to make it fly off the shelves for the home entertainment market.

And so what if you have to tell a few lies on the way? Okay, so a few big ones. That might annoy consumers. A lot.

Here are 12 occasions of films that were repackaged as something completely different on DVD. Let us know of more at the bottom.


Tar aka Forever Love

What it is: The project of 12 NYU students, this is based on the life and works of poet CK Williams and, despite the starry cast including James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain and Zach Braff, it's firmly on the arthouse end of the cinematic spectrum. It's a curio at best.

What it isn't: The new Notebook or anything else involving Nicholas Sparks. Let's just say there are going to be a lot of disappointed teenage girls out there.


Winter Passing aka Happy Endings

What it is: A slow-moving 2005 indie drama about a struggling stage actress, played by Zooey Deschanel, who comes home to see her reclusive novelist father, played by Ed Harris, only to find that two strangers, played by Amelia Warner and Will Ferrell, have moved in. It was labelled "dour" and "meandering" by critics.

What it isn't: A raucous sex comedy. It was rebranded in 2013 for the UK DVD release to be something completely opposite. "A classic" says Reel News...


Little Fish, Strange Pond

What it is: A small-scale crime comedy, packed with sub-Tarantino dialogue and situations, that follows two drifters , played by Matthew Modine and Callum Blue, as they get involved in progressively tiresome japes.

What it isn't: A comedy with a lead performance from Zach Galifianakis, who has a small amount of screen time as a porn store owner. The film was repackaged after The Hangover films hit. Recognise that title treatment?


Upstream Color

What it is: A thoughtful, abstract tale of a man and woman who find their lives affected by a parasite. It's a film that's been compared to the works of Terrence Malick for its slow pace and focus on the natural world.

What is isn't: A gruesome horror film. At all.


Adult World

What it is: A quirky indie that failed to land much of an audience after it premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. It stars Emma Roberts as a student who finds a job at an adult bookstore while a published poet, played by John Cusack, becomes her mentor

What it isn't: A filthy comedy where Emma Roberts plays a stripper.


The Best Offer aka Deception

What it is: An elegant old-fashioned drama about an art dealer, played by Geoffrey Rush, who falls for a younger woman and finds himself caught in a strange mystery. It's from the director of Cinema Paradiso.

What it isn't: An action-packed spy movie with a hopelessly generic title.


Paper Man aka Unlikely Hero

What it is: A small indie comedy drama about the unlikely friendship between a stressed writer, played by Jeff Daniels, and a teenage girl, played by Emma Stone. Oh and he has a superhero, played by Ryan Reynolds, who lives inside of his head for extra quirk.

What it isn't: An action comedy about a superhero. With bombs and stuff.


A Common Man aka Death Watch

What it is: Despite winning awards at the Madrid International Film Festival (yeah, we've never been either), this was a negatively received thriller about a man, played by Ben Kingsley, who plants bombs in Sri Lanka and demands the freedom of prisoners.

What it isn't: An action-packed thriller with more firepower than all Matrix films put together.


Assassination of A High School President aka The Assassination

What it is: A comedy noir about a high school reporter trying to uncover a mystery that involves the principal, played by Bruce Willis and a popular jock.

What it isn't: An action film about Bruce Willis with explosions and that.


Berberian Sound Studio

What it is: A critically acclaimed tribute to Italian Giallo cinema of the 70s which stars Toby Jones as a sound technician working on a horror film. It's often abstract and rather inaccessible to mainstream genre fans.

What it isn't: A gruesome slab of torture porn. The director spoke of his personal frustration with this controversial DVD cover, used only in ASDA...


Six Degrees of Separation

What it is: An adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a con artist, played by Will Smith, who charms his way into the home of a rich couple, played by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland. It's a smart film about race, sexuality and class.

What it isn't: A wacky fish out of water comedy. At all.


24 Hour Party People

What it is: A captivating comedy drama from director Michael Winterbottom that follows Factory Records head Tony Wilson, played by Steve Coogan throughout the "Madchester" scene of the late 80s and early 90s.

What it isn't: A film about anyone with a tongue piecing. Wrong era.



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