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These new NASA space tourism posters are stunning

Come on guys, it's been over 46 years since man landed on the moon. Why are we not able to motor around the solar system with jetpacks and amazing spaceships yet?

At least the dawn of space tourism is edging ever-closer, with the likes of Elon Musk leading the way to get the ordinary punter into space, and NASA busy forging ahead with their plans to put a human on Mars by 2023.

And to get us excited (before we realise we're still a long way away), their Jet Propulsion Laboratory has commissioned this excellent new trio of posters from Seattle design firm Invisible Creature for a 2016 calendar which will be given to NASA staff and government officials.

Illustrator brothers Don and Ryan Clark explained to The Verge how they had an inspiration board of "Vintage posters, travel posters, WPA posters... That stuff’s in our wheelhouse, it’s the stuff that we love to do." It runs in the family too - their grandfather was an illustrator at NASA for 30 years.

You can buy copies from the firm's website, or simply gaze with wonder at the images below.



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