This dog followed a Google Street Mapper around and got in almost every photo

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Dave Fawbert

When you go somewhere unfamiliar, it can be a disconcerting experience.

You might not speak the language. Where is the public transport? Where on earth is the place I’m staying? What are the best things to see?

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a guide – someone who really knows the ropes. And it’s even better when that guide happens to be a dog.

When a street-view photographer, working for Google maps provider Daum, headed to the remote South Korean island of Jukdo, home to just one family of three people as of 2004, he was greeted by a furry friend who proceeded to show him round – and get himself into pretty much every photo he took.

The island measures just 0.45 miles by 0.3 miles across, but this little lad, a golden retriever, presumably knew every inch of it, making him the perfect companion to get the photos done.

You can tour the beautiful island of Jukdo yourself on Daum's map service, and enjoy the virtual flower-filled fields and rugged trails, all the while accompanied by this happy doggo. If you don't see him at first, just pan the camera round to look behind and you’ll probably see his furry little face looking back at you.

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