You're going to want this Super Mario Monopoly set

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Nintendo fans, fetch a bib. The following item is going to have you salivating in gratuitous quantities.

Some 31 years after Super Mario Bros. transformed living room entertainment, someone has finally got around to giving the Italian plumber the Monopoly treatment he sorely deserves. Because if popular culture has taught us anything, it's that you haven't really achieved zeitgeist status until you've got your face slapped on a special edition of a capitalist board game.

USAopoly is currently selling a clutch of Monopoly: Super Mario Bros Collector's Edition and it looks fantastic. 

  • You're going to want this Super Mario Monopoly set

    This is what's in the box

    Forget metallic irons and hotels - everything has been Mario-ised. 

    The game's characters replace the usual playing pieces, end-of-level flags replace houses and the castle takes the place of hotels. Cracking. 

  • You're going to want this Super Mario Monopoly set 1

    This is the board

    Look! The Community Chest cards are now Warp Pipes! Like in the game! And the properties have been replaced by levels from the game! It's Super Mario Bros, but in Monopoly form!

    Bloody brilliant... though they could have worked Bowser into the jail graphic, no?

  • You're going to want this Super Mario Monopoly set 2

    These are the pieces

    Shotgun Toad. Every. Time. 

    If you want to pick up one of the boards, you'll have to move fast - the Amazon listing has only one board left in stock at the moment (for around $45/£31), and with no official Nintendo licencing on the box, we wouldn't be surprised if the makers get a call from some lawyers telling them not to bother making any more. 


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