This awesome Pokémon commercial is going to air during the Super Bowl


"Mewtwo? You son of a bitch!"

Please tell us we weren’t the only ones who took Pokémon too seriously back in the day, storming off in a rage whenever our cards were trumped in the playground, or hurling controllers across the room when we lost mini-games on the N64's Pokémon Stadium.

As for all its saccharine graphics, there was something violently gladiatorial about the whole thing, something far darker at play - need we remind you of the theory about the original game being set in a post-war civilisation? - and now it's about to get real once again.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, a new blockbuster commercial encouraging the world to “train on”, will air at Super Bowl 50, when it will hopefully snare a new generation of people who take games far too seriously. 

Take a peak below and keep one eye out for sneaky references to your former favourite characters.

Got to spot them all, or something to that effect.