There's a petition to cancel the new Mario game just because of this trailer

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David Cornish

"It'sa me, Mario!... Ey, why all of da hate? What'sa wrong wid you, eh?"

This, in short, is what happened when Nintendo showed off their new title Paper Mario: Color Splash in their digital Nintendo Direct video of 3 March.

The 40-minute announcement featured one minute of Paper Mario footage, which you can watch below.

Within 30 minutes of the trailer being broadcast, enraged fans had set up a petition on, demanding that Nintendo cancel Paper Mario: Color Splash.

"Fans have been waiting for a new Paper Mario for a while now," the petition explains. "After Sticker Star, we hoped Nintendo would have learned from their mistakes and make a better Paper Mario for the Wii U along the lines of The Thousand Year Door.

"Cancel Paper Mario Color Splash and give fans what they've actually been waiting for."

Within 11 hours it had only managed to produce 112 supporters - the masses seemingly infuriated that the game is a bit childish and slapstick. Because, you know, all of the other Mario games are seriously dark and all that. The true fans seemingly feeling like Nintendo has mishandled one of their most beloved characters, which could be fair enough depending on how seriously you take Mario games.

Never mind. Maybe they'll just have to make do with the new Legend of Zelda game inste... what you mean, Nintendo didn't mention it?! Seriously, someone better start a petition or something...


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