Sega is launching a free hub to play all your old Mega Drive games online

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We've got chills - and it's not because someone left the window open.

While Sega might have dropped out of the console business long ago (we'll always have a soft spot for the poor, misunderstood Dreamcast), its legacy lives on in the archive of classic titles still kicking about the web.

To celebrate (exploit?) this, the Japanese company is launching a new free web hub to play all your old favourites (which are all available for a few quid). 

Launching on 28 April on Steam, the new hub is based on a bedroom of an early nineties Sega obsessive, complete with posters and CRT box TV. If you're into tweaking games, every single Mega Drive game will now feature Steam Workshop support allowing you share modified versions of retro titles.

If you need us, we'll be busy working on our Streets of Rage combos...


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