Nintendo's new console could launch with Super Smash Bros.


We've got some good news and bad news for Nintendo fans.

The good news

It's looking increasingly likely that the Nintendo NX - a new console set to replace the struggling Wii U - will arrive later this year with a major launch title, Super Smash Bros.

Dr. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games, claims to have heard the news from a "solid source"... 

Even if the new Super Smash Bros. isn't "new" - but a tweaked, graphically enhanced version of the latest Wii U title - it's the kind of people's champion that could bring gamers unconvinced by the Wii U to the new machine.

The bad news

While Bandai Namco might be working on "several" NX titles, they're in the minority. 

The Game Developers Conference recently released its extensive State of the Industry Report, and revealed that "less than one per cent" of developers are working on games for the Nintendo NX.

At present, Nintendo is struggling to court gamers to its consoles - with just five per cent of developers surveyed working on Wii U titles, and three per cent working on Nintendo 3DS titles. Put simply, why make games for a platform that doesn't guarantee big sales figures? And why develop a multi-platform game for a console that uses a large, touch-screen motion controller if no aspect of your game fits that build?

Nintendo has promised more news on the NX (like its real name) will emerge later this year.

We'll keep our controllers crossed that it's good news.