Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch

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Remember when the happiest days of your life were spent with a Nintendo controller in your hand?

The Japanese gaming giant is hoping to reclaim something of its former glory (seriously, don't mention the Wii U - it makes everyone really upset), finally revealing its secretive new console - the Switch.

Here's a summary of what you need to know:

  • The console is both a home console that plugs into your TV, and a portable gaming device with a screen you can wander about with.
  • A core console 'stand' will allow you to plug the Switch into your TV (we're guessing it also doubles as a charger). You can play games with in-built Wii-style remotes, or a traditional game pad.
  • As a portable console, you can either play with the screen in your hand, like a Nintendo 3DS, or prop up the screen and detach its side controllers. These can be shared between two players for multiplayer gaming.
  • Games are yet to be announced, but we know the new Zelda will launch with the console, and it appears that a version of Skyrim will also be playable.
  • It arrives March 2017.
  • Price is yet to be announced.

Just watch the reveal trailer to see it in action.


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