Brilliant Mario glitch lets you turn the game into Flappy Bird

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David Cornish

Many of us spent the better part of our youth attempting to master titles like Super Mario World; clutching a SNES controller in our sweaty hands, trying for the umpteenth time to perfect that Yoshi suicide jump to maximise our speed run. 

SethBling's obsession runs a little deeper than that.

A SNES hacker with an impressive history of discovering dark and twisted secrets in your favourite old games, Bling has just completed the most unlikely of 'hacks' to allow Super Mario World to mimic the short-lived mobile classic, Flappy Bird.

Now before you go off to the loft to dig out your old SNES, be warned that you almost certainly won't be able to pull this off yourself: you need the glitch skills of Bling to make it work. Mercifully, he explains how he managed it below. 


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