The most retweeted tweets of 2015 basically prove Niall is the most unloved member of 1D

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While Twitter's biggest hashtags of 2015 reflected a year of tragedy and social unrest, things were decidedly more "OMFG 1D" when it came to Twitter's annual review of Retweets.

Here follows the five most retweeted tweets of 2015:

1. Harry Styles = 718,276 Retweets

When news broke that Zayn Malik would be "exiting One Direction stage right", Harry Styles' expression of gratitude went global. Bless him.

Unless you read it with a tone of exasperated frustration, in which case it's a very different message.

2. Zayn Malik =  564,772 Retweets

Well isn't this nice? See how much love the 1D boys have still got for each other? It makes us want to vomit with joy.

At least, we think that's why this makes us want to vomit. Hard to tell.

3. Liam Payne = 495,414 RETWEETS

Are you starting to pick up on the trend here? 

The third most retweeted message of the year is the grammatically abusive work of One Direction's Liam Payne.

Is this all teenagers do anymore? Sit about waiting to retweet boy bands and ask for follow backs? 

4. President Barack Obama = 448,053 retweets

Well thank goodness for that.

Breaking 1D's stranglehold on popular opinion is the president of the USA, Barack Obama, with a smashing message of support for marriage equality in his nation. 

Good lad.

5. LOUIS TOMLINSON = 412,323 Retweets

Back to the norm we go then.

What we like most about Tomlinson's message to fans is the creative use of exclamation marks and spacing. 

Here's to a great 2016 Louis ! . 

But wait... what of Niall Horan, the least interesting member of One Direction? Where did he poll in comparison to his far more popular mates?

Separated from One Direction (and Obama) by a message from the King of Saudi Arabia and Kanye West (what a sentence), Horan's thumbs produced the seventh most retweeted message of the year with this little gem.

If this list teaches us anything, it's that the social powers of One Direction should be a matter of parental concern - and that our pride in gaining 430 retweets for a funny observation on the nature of dogs now seems woefully misplaced. 

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