Nokia wants you to make virtual reality films with its new camera


Nokia doesn't do phones any more. They're more exciting than that.

Having sold off their Lumia handsets to Microsoft in 2013, the Finnish tech company showed off its renewed creative edge with a raft of map technologies and a tablet, the N1. It looked exactly like an iPad, but possibly better. 

The next gadget out of their labs is an even bolder move: the OZO, a camera capable of capturing video and audio in 360 degrees.

As more virtual reality headsets begin trickling into the market (you can read up on the latest models here), Nokia is banking on a growing demand for high-quality 'virtual reality' media. If you've spent £300 on some tech goggles, you're going to want more than a 3D game of Flappy Bird, right?

The OZO hopes to be the camera of choice for content creators riding the VR wave, from film makers, sports broadcasters, documentary makers and event photographers. Eight image sensors sit around its spherical body, matched by eight microphones. You would film - presumably - by holding the camera above you, or by mounting it on a stand, capturing 360 degrees of audio and video. When watching the footage back with VR goggles, you'd be able to turn your head and see everything from the point the OZO was mounted. 

With more VR cameras set to arrive from the likes of GoPro, you can expect the OZO to have some stiff competition when it arrives later this year. 

Rio 2016 Olympics in VR? Yes please.


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