Vans’ Stunning OTW 2014 Felt Pack


Slackers. Skaters. Students. If you don’t fit into at least one of these categories, you may never have experienced the joy of slipping on a pair of Vans. 

Though one look at these beauties and we're sure you'll give the matter some serious thought. After all, these, just the latest left-field footwear design from the firm (remember these Cork oddities?), are a wonder to behold.

The pictures above are of the shoe’s ‘Felt Pack’ for its Vans OTW 2014 range, including both limited-edition issues of the already fairly mainstream Prelow and Tesella.

Built to help you cruise around autumn landscapes and sure to protect you from winter, the Prelow comes with a bulky Ultracrush HD outsole, while the quirkier and ruffled looking Tesella comes with hand-woven leather along with felt detailing on the tongue and lining.

The shoes will be available at select Vans retailers and emporiums later in the month. And the best news: you won’t need a skateboard and to buy a pair.