The Puma Future Disc Lite Black Camo


Think of a big cat which hasn't yet been immortalised as a brand logo for a major company and chances are that big cat isn't doing its job properly.

From deodorants Alan Partridge would wear to luxury cars he would drive, companies have been tapping into the iconography of large felines to make us part with our cash for a good while now. With Puma being no exception.

Only now, however, the sportswear manufacturer has offered its most animalistic pair of Disc Lite yet, draping the iconic runners in black leather and camouflage for a really solid look.

Benefited by lightweight FaasFoam on the midsole for extra manoeuvrability and PUMA Formstrip at the sides to deal with any unwanted impact, they're ideal for any urban jungle.

Prices start from £90 and you can snap them up here.


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