The Nike Air Max Kabutomushi Collection

Say what you like about the Japanese rhinoceros beetle – no, go on, we know you’ve been itching to say something on the Asian insect for a good while now, spit it out - but when Nike says that bug makes for a nice pair of trainers, you'd be wise to hand over your money immediately.
The Nike Air Max Kabutomushi collection, referencing the nickname of the famed beetle, long a figure of Japanese pop culture, has taken the patterns found dotted on these iconic miniature workhorses and channeled it for one brilliant series of footwear.
Each silhouette incorporates the colour palette of said beetle’s exoskeleton with tones of Anthracite, Team Orange and Catalina, and an additional safari print and scaly texture ensuring the bug-like theme is spot on.
With the heels sporting some equally neat design flourishes on respective versions of the Air Max Lunar 1 and Air Max 95, it's an all-round win. Just try your best not to step on any insects.
That'd be some seriously bad karma.
The shoes land in Nike retailers worldwide from 27 December starting from £120;