Step on these blue suede shoes


If US conspiracy theorists and tabloid magazines are to be believed, and Elvis Presley is indeed still with us and slogging away in some manual job, then we’d advise that he breaks cover, books the next transatlantic flight and heads over to Marks & Spencer.

Why? Because the brand’s excellent new range of blue (and other-coloured) suede shoes boast stain resistant technology, meaning they’re less likely to be ruined when stepped on. Additionally, the new line of Autograph suede-layered brogues (£75 per pair) are also water repellent, so they’ll look cleaner for longer and, as well as the King’s chosen shade of blue, they also come in superb wintery tones of burgundy and olive. We’re sold.

Now, if M&S could only do something about hound dogs and their predilection for crying all the time, Elvis could finally rest in peace. If he’s actually dead, of course…


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