Nike And Comme Des Garçons Team Up

Superman and Batman, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and now Nike and Comme des Garçons - it appears everyone's in bed with a rival. Difference is though, this one's good.

Nike are both well-versed and hugely celebrated in sneakerdom. Japan via France fashion brand Comme des Garçons (translation: For the Boys) on the other hand... aren't. Their previous forays into the trainer market have been a collaboration with Converse that saw perfectly good pumps ruined with kitsch love hearts, and a tie-in with Nike that seemingly gave birth to the world's first S&M footwear. Suffice to say, then, that we weren't exactly scratching at the factory door when we were informed of Nike's newest dalliance with the high fashion label. And yet - you'll have to excuse us while we eat our words - as they're incredible.

The Nike Blazer Low for BLACK Comme des Garçons includes an all-over suede upper, wax-coated laces and sports a sole flash of white on the heel (unless you count inside the shoe, which we don't). It's such a surprise hit that we're now in favour of all future sponsored_longforms - no matter how random. Except KitKat Android - that's too silly, even for us.

Black Comme des Garçons is available exclusively in the UK from Dover Street Market London.


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